What should I expect from my Bowen session? When you arrive with your dog you will fill in a client form detailing your dogs history and any vet diagnosis. We will then discuss the reason you are here.  I will then do an assessment and apply some moves, short breaks are put in for two reasons, one to allow your dog a break and also to let the body respond to the work i am doing before I apply more moves in the same area of elsewhere depending on the body's response. I will repeat all or some of the moves twice. I sit on the floor with your dog so they are able to spread out and relax.  A session is around one hour. After the session is over your dog may be very energised or want to sleep either response is fine as the body will be interpreting the work over the week.  Do not have any other therapies while your dog is having Bowen as it can affect the work the body is already busy doing and you also won't know if it is the Bowen or the other therapy that your dog is responding to.

What if I don't know what is wrong with my dog or don't have a diagnosis from the vet? As Bowen treats the body as a whole and all its systems not just the complaint or symptoms I don't need a diagnosis but it helps so i know everything that is going on with your dog.

Is there any aftercare, can i still take my dog for a run etc? There is no aftercare and your dog can continue its usual routines, however take note of your dogs behaviour if they want to sleep or they seem exhausted allow them to rest as long as they need this is the Bowen doing its work on their body and it will be very busy at cell level.

How do I pay? I accept cash and have eftpos

My dog is very old is it too late to start therapy? Not at all Bowen is of great benefit to older dogs it makes them feel young again as their aches and pains are improved or eased therefore mobility and life improves. It is also a great maintenance plan for arthritis, anxiety and other age related issues.